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Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1959.

In the early 80ies I was a founding member and played bass in the two most important art -punk band in Hungary. Had numerous recordings, albums, gigs, tours.

In 1987 I started to do imagery with computers and during the following years I had solo and group exhibitions in Hungary, France, Poland, Austria and Germany. In 1989 I was awarded an Honorary Mention Diploma at the Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. In 1991, some of my works were selected into the Ludwig Collection. At that time I scored a soundtrack-music for a 3D animated film by John Halas and Tamas Waliczky, Memory of Moholy-Nagy. The film won the Special Award of the Jury of the IMAGINA in Monte-Carlo.
Worked as an animator/consultant at the TU Wien in Vienna in 1992. Moved and worked as a CGI Artist in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1994. In 1998 I moved to Sydney, Australia, worked here as Head of 3D Dept, later as freelance CGI artist till these days. These days I am working on my first solo album, to be released in 2022.





-PROMAX/BDA AWARD, Gold Singapore, 2001, for “Channel U”

-DEUTSCHE VIDEOKUNSTPREISE, Nomination, 1993 "Tales"
-HCFILM FESTIVAL, 1st Prize for "Flipper”- Visual effects, Budapest, 1992
-ORNAMENTA1, Selected Finalist “Diamond Time”, Duisburg, 1992
-IMAGINA - MONTE-CARLO Special Award of the Jury,

for "Memory of Moholy-Nagy", Monte Carlo, 1991
-DIGITART ELECTRONIC ART FESTIVAL, Budapest, 2nd Prize, for "Tales" 1990
-ARS ELECTRONICA, LINZ , Honorary Mention Diploma, for "Serpent" Linz 1988




Main Exhibitions/Screenings:

-Budapest, Hungarian National Gallery, 2016
-Budapest, Ernst Museum, 1994
-Paris, Jeu de Paumes, 1992
-Paris, Etampes, 1991
-Tokyo, Japanese Image Forum, 1991
-Lille, Palais Voix du Nord, 1990
-Budapest, Ernst Museum, 1990
-Budapest, FT Center (with Janos Vetokina), 1989
-Budapest, Jozsefvarosi Gallery, (with Sugar Janos and Revesz Laszlo) 1989
-Pforzheim, Ornamenta I. 1989
-Budapest, National Gallery, Symmetry and Asymmetry, 1989
-Wroclaw, Galeria bez Tytulu, (with Waliczky Tamas and Palos Gyorgy) 1989
-Linz, Ars Electronica Computer Culture Days, 1988
-Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts, 1987
-Digitart Exhibition (Poznan, Berlin, Erfurt, Hamburg-CeBit, Moscow, Linz, etc.) 1987




-Untranslatable, 2005, DVD, (Europa Kiado), A38

-Love `82, 1997, CD,MC, (Europa Kiado), Bahia
-It’ll be good ...'84 1997, CD,MC, (Europa Kiado), Bahia
-Live URH, 1996, CD (URH), Bahia
-Just images 1993, CD (Europa Kiado), Bahia
-Here we are haunting 1992, CD (Europa Kiado), Bahia
-Faster than time, 1991,CD (Europa Kiado) , Bahia

-Vote for Me, 1986, LP (Europa Kiado), Hungaroton

-PopMusic, 1983, LP (Europa Kiado), Hungaroton



-Sapphires, vfx artist, 2011

-Bait, vfx artist, 2011

-Connected, music composer, 2008

-The Hobbit Enigma, 3D design, model, lighting, animation, 2008

-The Bridge, Building of a Nation, model, lighting, animation, 2007

-Death Defying Acts, model, lighting, textures, 2008

-Matrix Reloaded particle effects, lighting, 2002-03
-Inspector Gadget 2 effect shots, animation, textures, lighting, 2002
-ScoobyDoo 2 character previz shots, 2001
-Magic Pudding particle effect sequences, effect design 1999
-Silat Legenda 3D effect animator-supervisor, 1997

-Cross-fades, animation, script, music, 1991
-Demonstration for Applied Aesthetics animator, visual consultant, 1990
-Memory of Moholy-Nagy (soundtrack-music for a film by Tamas Waliczkys and John Halas), 1990
-Real Time (with Istvan Janvari) animation, script, music, 1990
-Diamond Time animation, script, music, 1989
-Tales animation, script, music, 1989

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