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Recent works

Works from the recent years. Made with Maya, Arnold renderer, Photoshop.

Bust VI
Bust VII
Bust II
Bust V
Crowd IV
Bust I
Bust III
Bust II

Museum pieces

Ars Electronica, 1989, Linz, Austria

The “Serpent” won an “Anerkennung”, a Honorary mention Diploma in 1988, at one of the most prestigious electronic art festival, the Prix Ars Electronica. That years winners included artists like John Lasseter of the Pixar fame and other since well known names in the computer art world.

I had an Atari 1040ST with a luxurious 1Mb RAM, with a software called Cyber Paint, which became After Effects decades later. With a stunning 320 by 200 pixel resolution and altogether 16 colour palette this little piece of software had most of the basic compositing functions.


Digitart, 1986 Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

Selected into the very first Hungarian computer art exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. The exhibition got invited to numerous European cities. Archived by the Museum of Fine Arts, Hungary


Fete de l'image 1991 Lille, Etampes, Helsinki

National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2016

"Forming part of the Fête de l’image (Festival of the Image) series organised in Lille, the show L’Artist hongrois et de l’ordinateur (Hungarian Artists and the Computer), assembled by Joël Boutteville, a notable curator of new media art, encompassed all the possible areas of digital art (computer graphics and animation) that emerged in Hungary in the last years of socialism. Boutteville selected some one hundred and twenty works by nine Hungarian artists (András Böröcz,..., Llászló Kiss, ... and Tamás Waliczky), which were also presented at two other venues (Étampes and Helsinki) in 1990 and 1991.


Intensifying international interest has been taken in the early period of new media in recent times, although no exhibition has been solely devoted to the theme in Hungary thus far. The present exhibition reconstructs the show curated by Boutteville a quarter of a century ago and by placing the medium in an international context explores the work of the pioneering Hungarians who revolutionised digital imaging, while providing a comprehensive picture of the first period of computer art in Hungary from the mid-1970s to the democratic transition."

Archived by the Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Animated shorts

Tales (Mesek)

Won the II. prize in 1995 at the
DIGITART Festival Budapest,
Nominated for the
Deutsche Videokunst Preise in 1993

Nominated at the
Tokyo Image Forum Festival

Archived by the Hungarian National Gallery.

Real Time


Has been screened at the

Fete de l'image in Lille, Etampes and Helsinki, Hungarian National Gallery , etc.

Archived by the Hungarian National Gallery.

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